Muscle Activation Techniques ®

What is MAT™?

  • MAT™ is a revolutionary approach to the assessment and correction of muscular imbalances and joint instability that lead to pain, dysfunction, and limited mobility

  • MAT ™ is a non-invasive technique, designed to balance the muscular system in order for it to function with maximum efficiency for day to day activity to strenuous training

Benefits of MAT™?

  • MAT™ helps athletes of any level prevent injuries, and reduces spasms and cramping caused by muscle inhibition.

  • MAT ™ helps speed up recovery from minor injuries to aiding in post surgical rehabilitation; and alleviate adverse effects of injured, tired, and overused muscles

  • MAT ™ gets the body to optimal effciency and maintains muscular system stablity.

MAT™ defined

Click on the above images to hear from MAT™ founder Greg Roskopf or to read in Men'sHealth how Bryson DeChambeau transformed hsi game withthe help of MAT™


Jason Baits MAT™ Specialist

Jason Baits is the founder and Chief Specialist of Peak Activation LLC. Jason, a Colorado native, grew up in the city of Colorado Springs enjoying all this beautiful state has to offer. He split his time as a youth athlete between gymnastics and skiing. Through those sports he grew to appreciate the profession of physical therapy. Jason has coached gymnastics for 30 years and has developed athletes from walking to elite caliber. His athletes have earned scholarships to a multitude of universities including, Pennsylvania State, the University of Utah, the University of Florida, UCLA, Auburn, Boise State, the University of Pittsburgh, and Denver University to name a few. Along with coaching Jason has worked as a Physical Therapy Assistant at ProActive Physical Therapy since 2005. It was at ProActive PT where he was introduced to MAT™, Muscle Activation Techniques™. He saw MAT™ as revolutionary way to enhance patient recovery and stabilization, thus prompting Peak Activation LLC. Since 2016 he has become Jumpstart certified, an MAT™ Specialist, and has achieved his Masters level of Trunk and Spine

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